How To Choose A Good Blogger Template ?

So if you are searching for a Good Blogger Template/Theme and you don't know how to choose Good Blogger Template. Don't Worry! I am there, I will be teaching you some of the parameters before you choose up for a Good Blogger Template/Theme. If you follow these steps you definitely would find a Good Blogger Template which would be :

1. SEO Optimized Blogger Template

2. Google Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

3. Light weight or Fast Blogger Template

4. With Social Media Plugins/Widgets Blogger Template

5. Premium Looking Blogger Template

So without any delay lets get started " how to to look up for free and good blogger template"

1. Light Weight Blogger Template

The first thing you should check before you go for a Blogger Template is 'the Blogger Template should be light weight. If you choose a heavy blogger template, your website/blog would take a longer time to load. hence, this would irritate your traffic or customers. And I know nobody wants this, so the better thing is you should go for a Ultra Light Weight Blogger Template. If you follow this step your website/blog would load faster and this would not irritate your traffic. The user experience on your site would be good.

You can check the score of your Blogger Template in Google PageSpeed  Insights, this would tell you how fast your blog/website is. Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content and theme of your blog/website and gives out a score between 0-100.
If your score is 75-100 it's good.

2. Google Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

The second thing you should check before going for a Blogger Template is ' the Blogger Template should be Adsense Friendly. If you use any random Blogger Template that is not Google Adsense Friendly you will be facing difficulty in getting Google Adsense approval. so go for a blogger template that is Adsense loving!!

3. SEO Optimized Blogger Template

If you want your website to rank high in Google Search Results and get tonns of traffic. the main thing you should keep in mind is "SEO". Here Comes The SEO Optimized Blogger Template into the game, so if you choose a blogger theme which is SEO optimized. The chances of your rankings in google will be higher. So always choose a blogger template that is SEO Optimized.

4. Responsive and Mobile Friendly Blogger Template

The Blogger Template you would choose should be a Fully Responsive Blogger Template, which means your content or your articles should be loading same fast as in PC and Mobile Phone. If your Blogger Template would be Responsive and Mobile Friendly your website's user experience would be good and this would create a good authority of your blog/website in the Google. Google will start to rank your website in high positions.

5. Blogger Template with Social Media Plugins/Widgets

If you choose a Blogger Template with Social Media Widgets, your traffic/customers would able to follow you on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Quora etc. This would create a feeling of trust between your audience. Hence, always go for a Blogger Template that contains Social Media Plugins.

6. 24-Hour Blogger Support Forum

In case you face some problems in your Blogger Template, so their should be somebody who can help you in such situations. So always go for a Blogger Template that provides you 24-Hour Support. Incase you are stucked they may help you.